Thursday, March 28, 2013

This week I feel a burden has been lifted since we found out Monday Joe got a job. He will be working at Tech Data & is excited about this position. I never doubted. It was a relief and I feel like we can finally get settled.
Lyla is home from the hospital & I see a glimpse into the craziness of my sister's life. Having 4 young children is so much work & I don't know how she does it. Did I mention 3 out of 4 have food allergies, one being extreme?  No one is throwing a pizza in the oven or nuggets for a quick meal. Did I mention two of them go to different schools? Amazing.
I'm trying to drink up my freedom till Joe begins work and we become a 1 vehicle family with that 1 vehicle gone 5 days a week. This should be interesting. Hopefully we can save some money to get a van by August when baby cotton joins us. My sweet ride just won't handle 3 car seats (poor Joe will get stuck with my 99 Corolla which only has a tape deck. That's right.)
Speaking of, I'm having quite the time thinking of a name for this boy. Cotton is not easiest to work with because so many names I love end in "n" sound (Hudson, Rowan, Gavin, Roman, Greyson... to name a few) and even fewer sound good together. Still I strive on. I like unique names I don't hear every day and am very picky about what name strikes an image in my mind. Call me crazy.
Right now my favorite is Shepherd and has been since we named Blake Joseph. I'm still bitter we didn't give him the name Shepherd but I work on it a little each day :)  However, I hate the sound of "Shep" which would inevitably end up being a nickname. Been loving Sawyer, Knox, or Finn but Joe is not keen on these at all. Help please!!!! Don't know where to turn next.
I continue to work on the house - it's still not up to par to post many pics. It's changed lots & I have a vision of what I want to do, but not the funds to back that vision up. Like the pin says" I have good taste, just not the $ to prove it."
April is a busy birthday month for us - then just a couple months and any free time I know and love will disappear around the 20th of August. Bring it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lyla (& some other details)

The last few days have been rough on the family. It's late so I'll make this short. Lyla began to show signs of muscle weakness, a limpness where she couldn't pull herself up, her neck hung...lots of scary stuff when you a see a one year old so limited physically. They took her to All Children's Hospital on Tuesday and did a CT scan showing nothing wrong with the brain (thank you Lord) and then a MRI showed a cyst on the spine. They decided to wait till the next morning to do the surgery & this morning they found 3 cysts along the spine. She might have been born with these cysts and they just continued to grow.
We are thankful the doctors were able to figure this out and it was nothing more serious. It's a large scar down her back and we know recovery will take a while. She's spending the nights in the ICU with Rachel and Jason not leaving her side.
My mom is caring for all 3 boys as my dad is teaching out of town (our old stompin grounds, of course)...Please pray for strength for EVERYONE as this is going to be a long road ahead. The boys are obviously missing their mom and dad and feeling out of sorts. Rachel and Jason have missed nights of sleep and will continue to do so...My mom is pulled in many directions between trying to make the boys feel secure, caring for her parents & not having my dad home right now.

On a bright note, we had a delightful sonogram on Tuesday morning where we found out it's a boy. I have to be honest, I'm only slightly sad because I was so set on my girl's name and now I feel like I'll never have my daughter Harper. It's too good of a name to let pass by, but I really feel like #3 is kind of it for us...
Now the name game for a boy continues. I love a crazy good name, something unique but not bizarre and it has to sound good with cotton. Please weigh in...I need some insight!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Latest & Greatest

Blake is feeling better! Yeah for medicine. He is one happy boy who is VERY close to getting another haircut after being called a girl last night (by another small child, but still...)

Iris is cute and happy as always. Her hugs & kisses rock our socks. Time to start looking for an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate family day next month  for when we brought her home a year ago!

Joe has a second interview this week with a different company & should hear back about a potential job this week he's gone on two interviews for. Hope on the horizon.

Getting to attend Lakeside's mission conference for the first time in 15 years and loving it. Loving watching the kids love it too.

Getting to see the baby this week at our 18 week ultrasound & finding out if we are having a girl or boy (I am predicting a girl but will probably be wrong).

We truly feel so blessed to be here. God has been so good to us & provided our every need. It is GOOD to need Him. Is it so good to see our kids blossoming and developing friendships with cousins and other kids & socially being around people besides just me & Joe. It is so good to hear my mom teach at Lakeside's women bible study. Hosea is quite a book. It is so good to be fed spiritually - I don't take a minute for granted after all these years.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It was a tougher day. Blake's been battling an ear infection for over a week and my attempts to clear it had been helping so I thought...then you see blood pouring out of your kid's ear & it's panic time. Thankfully it's nothing serious,(went to the doctor and it's only an ear infection) but feeling like a lousy parent, still waiting on various interviews for Joe & sometimes these days feel long. It is so nice to have family nearby & friends who care.
P.S. A week from today we find out what #3 will be!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birthday & Beach Pics

Woohoo! 2!!!

Favorite new shoes!
Before the party ...

Just the way I like it, lots of family :)

Yes that is a half eaten rice krispie treat. Iris wouldn't have it any other way!

The one person who Iris LOVES having close by...her mommett.

Rachel, Cole, Grandma & Drew
Our first family beach day

Her first time in the sand. Love.

Do you miss your coat & hat yet Blake?  Your welcome.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Florida, why do you hate my husband?

Well, we really do love being here. It's just the whole job situation is gotten to be stressful. We were supposed to hear today, all week really...but alas, not a word. Thankfully he does have some part time work that has opened up and will start next week. It's just getting old because although it's been a month now, it's hard to feel settled with Joe still home, still looking for work & when I think about it long enough my hair begins to tinge gray just a little. He's left messages just to follow up so we have an answer, but no returned calls. Never an encouraging sign.

Iris had a delightful birthday. Poppett dropped in to wish her well & then mommett (grandma and grandpa for those not familiar with our lingo) took her on a special date to build a bear & out to lunch. She now has a very sweet bunny named Foo Foo with a tu tu. After a delightful nap she played outside & I spoiled her with a slice of godiva cheesecake from Barnes & Noble. The girl does not like regular cake (after my own heart) but loved every bite of the cheesecake thankfully.

We had a yummy dinner, fun bubble bath & she opened her favorite thing - shoes. I took a picture this morning of just her in her new shoes. I promise to post pics soon - tomorrow night is her family celebration which I know she'll love. Want to be sure to include a few of those when I finally get my act together & post some pics.
Have a lovely weekend to all 3 of you who read this blog :)