Saturday, January 4, 2014

1st Kid / 3rd Kid Differences

From the time one has their first child to the time one might possibly have 3 (sometimes that's only 2 years!) many things change. Here are a few of my observations...

Wipe warmer machine for the first one, laughed about two kids later (face reality kid!)

Dark room, quiet for the first one during sleep time/ Any room will do or car seat or  pack n play, or sunny space, just so long as he gets a little nap...

Perfect little baby book, written in during "free time" and even posted pictures in the book for the first one/ Lucky to even have a baby book for the 3rd one, or even printed pictures for that matter!

Bath time gives you something to do in the day for the first one and each day it's a fun little time/activity. Third child? You try to remember when they got bathed last or if they start to smell you know it's time.

First child - lovely new clothes, books, toys & shoes. Third child? Find it on the curb, thrift store, hand me downs, & whatever else you can find that's in decent shape! (okay, in all honesty that happened with our first too, just not as much)

Your every day is consumed when it's just one, you are always together. Third child? During nap time you sometimes you forget about him (is that just me? Please tell me it's not just me)

Nursery drop off makes you nervous and you feel a little torn as to when you can leave them with someone else. Third child - no nerves, no reluctance & your hands feel quite nice to be free :)

Yep, it's a lot of changes but it's oh so good too; he has a piece of my heart forever and I didn't even know I could love three kids all at once the way I do now. His smile melts me and I forget all the worries in the world, I guess that's one thing that doesn't change.