Saturday, May 31, 2014

SPD & Me

It's been a bit of rocky road here at the Cotton's. Hard to believe since I always come across so calm and peaceful right? (seriously kidding there). Dealing with some difficult issues since we began our journey as parents back in 2010...
It has become quite apparent to us in the last few months that we think Blake has sensory processing disorder or at least some sensory issues that need to be addressed.  "Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is the inability to use information received through the senses in order to function smoothly in daily life."  It is a bit of an umbrella term to cover a variety of neurological disabilities. Occupational therapy is a great help and we are hopeful to dive into that soon as well as other activities you can do at home, a sensory diet which includes activities that strengthen neurological development and improve self help skills. (Pinterest comes through for me yet again with hundreds of ideas and information overload... for anyone interested my Blake pins are growing by the hour).

It has been difficult but I'm hopeful with the right tools we can make some progress and get life to be a bit easier for our sweet son.
Iris is so perfect for Blake - they fight like cats and dogs but they adore each other and she is so good to him! She continually brings him out of his shell, keeps him happy, lets him get his way, goes with the flow even though her world has changed a bit due to this all - I'm so proud of my girl. Her potty training has gone down the crapper (pun intended) but I think with a new plan we are working on per our pediatrician she will be back on track in a month or so. One can hope! As long as Sawyer isn't potty trained before her we're good.
Oh my sweet Sawyer, he is letting his good ol' sin nature shine through lately. He wants to be held ALL the time, extremely clingy and cranky but I'm gonna go out on a limb and blame 85% of this on his front tooth breaking through. Regardless, home boy is making life tough. (Blake NEVER acted different when he got teeth in so this is new to me and I don't like it!)

A week ago my hubby became Yep, 42 never looked so good. We celebrated by going to the beach. Too bad my sister and her family got in a car accident on the way and there went my good mood, but they were not seriously injured so that was a relief.
Life has just felt overwhelming on all fronts, but God is gracious because I know it could be so much worse. Financial stress? Check. Parenting stress? Check. My ever constant struggle to be a godly wife? Check. Thankful for the Lord's grace, His forgiveness, and His mercy as I learn what love truly means.
So if you spot a grey hair on my head soon or I look a bit extra frazzled, just glance me that sweet pity look and I know that I have at least one reader. Ha!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Prentiss says it best

"Suppose you have to live with people who were perfectly uncongenial; who misunderstood you and who were always getting into your way as stumbling blocks?"
"If I were living with them and they made me unhappy I would ask God to relieve me of this trial if He thought it best. If He did not think it best, I would then try to find out the reason. He might have two reasons. one would be the good they might do me. The other the good I might do them."
"But in the case I was supposing, neither party can be of the least use to the other."
"You forget perhaps the indirect good one may gain by living with uncongenial, tempting persons. First such people do good by the very self denial and self control their mere presence demands. Then, their making one's home less homelike and perfect than it would be in their absence, may help to render our real home in heaven more attractive...we only know ourselves and what we really are, when the force of circumstances bring us out into the open."
"It is very mortifying and painful to find out how weak I am."
"That is true. But our mortifications are some of God's best physicians, and do much toward healing our pride and self conceit."

 - Stepping Heavenward (Elizabeth Prentiss)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

"Appreciate the goodness of God. Count your blessings. Learn not to take natural benefits, endowments and pleasures for granted; learn to thank God for ALL of them.
Appreciate the patience of God. Think how he has borne with you and still bears with you, when so much in your life is unworthy of Him and you have so richly deserved His rejection.
Learn to marvel at His patience, and seek grace to imitate it in your dealings with others; and try to not try His patience anymore.
Appreciate the discipline of God. If you are a believer and He puts thorns in your bed it is only to keep you from falling into complacency and to ensure that you continue in his goodness by letting your sense of need bring you back constantly in self abasement and faith to seek His face."

I can't remember who wrote these words, but I read them somewhere and it stayed with me. These last few weeks have been among the most challenging in my life & I find myself singing " I need Thee Every hour" and clinging to His promises to get me through the day to day in life. It seems the Lord likes to keep me ever so weak and dependent on Him, so that is where I continue to be.

"It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees" - Ps 119:71

My children continue to amaze and delight me, I am blessed to be their mother. Tired, but blessed.