Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's been almost a month so I suppose it's time for a small update! Survival = my goal each day. Joe has been working 11-8 all week and that just stinks more than Iris's dirty diapers. If you have experienced that smell you know how I feel about it :)
We are retesting her for Giardia as it can be dormant and the smell is beyond atrocious. Trying to get her to go on the toilet for #2 is as difficult as counting all the time I spend on pinterest. It's just  consuming beyond all measure. (how else should I spend my time nursing?) Hopefully we can get that fixed and soon.

Blake turned 3 on sunday and what a joy it was to see him celebrate on Saturday night with family (first time for that). He loved his birthday and continually wants to be sung happy birthday to. It is over my man! I love watching him  grow and see him understanding so much.

We have so many birthdays coming up in our family over the next two months (my dad, mother in law, Cole, Abby, Steven, Jason, Drew to name a few). Lots of activity :)

Sawyer rocks my socks he is so cute, even at 3am. We will see how long that 7 weeks he is just waking up around 3ish and then around 6...I have high hopes for a full night sleep in the near future.

Joe continues to work hard and be a great dad & I'm so lost without him! If I wasn't living here with family to get me through these crazy days I think I'd be in the fetal position crying in my walk in closet at the condo (oh wait, that would be a nursery) ; yet I'm blessed to have people around who are praying and help me in so many ways.

In case you are reading this thinking, wow she is boring, who cares ? Let me throw out some useful tips.
Best candle for fall - Target called AUTUMN and it is the perfect scent. Your welcome.
Best part of my day - Pumpkin Creamer in my coffee. Thank you international delight for knocking it out of the park and causing me to not feel completely depressed for not consuming starbucks in months.
Best pinterest recipe - Six Sister's Chicken & Lime Taco's. Amazing. (check out homemaking is hot on my board)
There, is this post a bit more helpful?  :)