Sunday, June 22, 2014

A few of my favorite things

Favorite candle of the moment = Kohl's Sonoma "Lemonade Stand". It's amazing & only 5$ for a little one(free when you get their coupons in the mail) & I've bought a lot of candles. This one is seriously winning. So, so good.

Best home décor right now = is HomeGoods. Hands down this is my favorite place to stop in during the week when I feel like I just have to mentally escape. There is always a little item that makes my heart skip a beat. Just watching other people buy stuff there is fun. I just have to be careful because it quickly becomes a place that makes me discontent...but it's just filled to the brim with beautiful stuff.

My new craft = find a branch, knot some yarn on it & suddenly I love the bohemian look of this. I blame pinterest of course, but I'm kind of hooked.

Favorite way to spend a morning is at my brother and sister in law's pool, hanging out with my nieces and nephews, watching Iris and Blake learning to swim & enjoying the company.

Of course my dad is my favorite pastor/teacher but best sermon I've listened to online lately is John MacArthur on the Danger of Loving Money ( So good, so convicting & really opened my eyes. Again, I have to say my dad is so wonderful too & I'm loving his teaching on the Psalms, especially on overcoming fear!

If you are looking for a delicious summer salad my favorite is mixed greens, strawberry, feta cheese, glazed almonds & rotisserie chicken. For the dressing just pour a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sprinkle some sugar on top. Toss & serve with Bagel chips. Yum.

There ya have it, a little round up of useful information in life. A happy summer to you!