Monday, August 19, 2013

5 Things I LOVED about my grandpa

Yesterday was a hard day. I had seen my grandpa just 1 week ago & it was night and day from what I saw when I said my goodbye. He was looking up at the ceiling, breathing very heavy & I wasn't sure if he could even know what was going on. I've never seen someone I love so close to death and it's so painful. My grandma seemed so alone, even though my parents and aunt& uncle were with her.  When you've been with someone since teen years & now he is close to 90, how do you ever really say goodbye? I'm so glad it's only a temporary loss and I know we will all be together for eternity. There have been so many times through the years we thought we'd lose him, and he has held on so strong for so long.

Anyway, a few hours after I said goodbye he went home to be with Jesus & although he's not been himself for a few years due to his dementia, I remember so many wonderful things about him.

1 Thing I admired was that he loved the Lord and was so godly. He spent time each day in the word & he made it clear that God was the first priority in His life. He was so involved at church & teaching and always took the opportunity to tell others of his commitment to the Lord.

Another thing I loved was that he loved his family. He was a caring and wonderful husband, a kind & sweet father & a wonderful grandpa to me and his other grandchildren. He gave me the most incredible mother I could ask for and had such a humble attitude, no arrogance or pride ever.

The third thing I loved about him was his sense of humor. He always had little quirky lines and quips & could laugh off so many things. He was great at telling jokes and he always had a smile on his face.

The fourth thing was what a servant he was. He was always helping others, doing what he could be to minister and encourage others, especially family and friends. He would visit sick and dying friends and go out of his way to visit others who were lonely or needing someone to care.

The fifth thing I loved was his interest in me and others. While I grew up and even when I'd come home from college or visit with Joe, he always wanted to know what was going on in my life, how I was doing...he'd ask me questions and truly cared. He gave of his time & invested in so many people.

He was such a generous and loving and sweet man. A complete gentleman who never said an unkind word. I will truly miss my grandpa but I'm so glad he's in heaven and that this is only a temporary goodbye. I thought just maybe he's meeting my 4 other children today that have been there a few years and what a sweet reunion that would be.

Please keep my family in your prayers. Even though this death was in one way a relief, it's still such an emotional loss, especially for my grandma. The weeks ahead will be difficult....but not for my grandpa.

Christmas 2012

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beginnings & Endings

Waiting & waiting, seems like my grandpa's days are numbered here on earth.  I want him to not have to suffer anymore, but it's still a difficult time knowing what a loss it is for our family, especially my grandma after 68 (or close to it) years of marriage... there have been so many close calls over the years, it's hard to imagine that it's finally going to be a reality soon. It's horrible to watch him in a nursing home grow weaker and because of his dementia he has not been himself for a long time. My grandma spends every afternoon with him and my mom is there practically every day as well...I know they'd appreciate prayers as goodbyes are never easy...Thankful I could be with him last week.
Waiting for Sawyer to be born. Waiting to see what having a baby and two 2 year olds will be like.
The kids really seem to be developing a lot lately, it's so fun to watch them say more, react to things with cute expressions & show some love to each other without me asking them to.
Iris had a small little Christmas today when a neighbor dropped off bags of clothes & shoes. The girl rarely likes to be alone but there was a good hour of her just trying on about 5 pairs of shoes. It was so cute...maybe since she never wore shoes the first year of life? The girl seriously has a fetish.
They are both so observant, so sweet & make me laugh each day. The new adventure awaits!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Calm before the storm

Before all the craziness arrives I'm trying to get out as much as possible with B & I. Blake woke up with a stuffy/runny nose so hoping that clears up pronto Not the easiest thing to hold him down while trying to get the snot out of his nose (pretty picture, huh?)
My parents return from Colorado tomorrow night so I can officially go into labor starting Friday and not be overly stressed because of their absence.
Bought Sawyer a few things today thanks to grandma cotton & I think we are almost officially ready for #3.
Reading in my journal today and remembering how overwhelming the move to Florida seemed (where will we live, when will Joe get a job, how are we going to sell this condo...) and the Lord showed me it's not too much for Him. Needing that reminder as I contemplate how this transition from two to three will go. Nervous is a nice word for it. Prayers appreciated for this new chapter.