Saturday, December 21, 2013

Good things take time

Last year...hmmm, we had just flown down for our Christmas break. We were waiting on the condo to sell after waiting for like, ever. We went and looked at this cute little yellow house on Carlisle street & I wanted to call it home oh so badly. Joe still was waiting to hear about transferring his job down here at CDW. (Epic fail). I had just found out I was pregnant & felt scared of how that would all turn out. Our place was half packed up and all the details seemed so out of control.

Looking back it's incredible to see how God worked it all out for us. We were out of the condo the end of January, Joe arrived the first week of February, was out of a job till April (rough), Lyla's health went from okay to scary, spinal surgery...recovery... to okay to unknown & then back to scary many times and continues to be so. I really hope this next year is a huge turn around and one of incredible miraculous changes so she can begin to have real freedom, walk and run like other two year olds & enjoy the life God has given her in more ways than she can imagine. It is always heavy on our heart. My sister is like my other half so seeing her in pain is almost more than I can bear some days. God is faithful though and we cling to him even in the unknown.

We moved in to this house which was a huge blessing & tried to make it our own ( I still have a million things I'd love to do but maybe when the kids are in school in a few years??) Got a vehicle so I can drive places in the summer, gave birth for the second time to my third child :)  It has been a very crazy year and I can't wait to see what happens this year. For the record I love my van and surprisingly Joe still lets me drive it, despite hitting the mailbox (just once!)

Can I point out that is has been just about two years since we were awaiting traveling news for meeting our daughter Iris and flying to Ethiopia for the first time!! Joe had salmonella poisoning and here I am making all the traveling arrangements and trying to figure out all the details of the trip. Now that was one crazy Christmas and New Years! (Remember that, Alicia & Dawson? The movie on New years day in that awesome Ethiopian theatre??) We arrived in Ethiopia two days after Christmas - it was a very special trip but I'm so glad that was two years ago and in April we celebrate our 2 years of being a family together.

God is good, year after year. No matter where we are, may I learn to be content and trust that He always knows what is best and when it is best. Merry Christmas and happy new years everyone :)