Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"The Most Precious Jewels You'll Ever Have Around Your Neck are the Arms of Your Children"

Here are a few wonderful thoughts from a message I listened to on motherhood from John MacArthur... (Hannah: A Godly Mother

The Highest calling a woman will ever know -

The Most important relationship in a family is between mother and father. What you communicate about that dominates their thinking (love, sin, forgiveness, understanding, virtue, honesty, integrity)

Are you faithful to live what you believe? Your spiritual devotion is communicated to your children

A women finds security in husband's love because he demonstrated love to her (God in His providence balanced things - absence of anxiety and frustration so she can give self to children and not always fight to attract her husband)

She (Hannah) had a right heavenly relationship. She knew where to go with a problem - right to the Lord. She wanted a child so desperately to give to God.

Children are NOT an Intrusion to your life / schedule -
Characterized by Prayer -
A Woman of Promise, made to the Lord (Give the child to God, from where he came)

* Such great reminders as I am in the trenches of child rearing. The days are long and full of training & it's easy to forget what an important job being a mother is (and WHO I need to be).