Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Patience = a virtue

Remember that old phrase "patience is a virtue, possess it if you can...seldom in a woman, never in a man?"   Well, it's holding true. Joe had a 3rd interview last Monday & they said by this week we would know. I despise waiting. It seems like it's all I ever do. It's difficult to just be content & not worry about how we are going to pay our bills, buy food & live day to day as the weeks go by and no income with it.
It's a good reminder that God takes care of His children & to trust Him to provide our needs. He knows what we need to live & therefore we can trust Him.
After being here the entire month of February we finally got internet last night. It's safe to say I had a bit of a meltdown & was feeling very isolated without being able to connect to the outside world. Well, now that we have it I'm tempted to waste much time on it, so I need to step back and realize how easy it is to get sucked in & before I know it my "free" time is spent wishing for stuff I want & really don't need. I feel a bit guilty as well, like did I really need it or did I just want to have my relaxation time back??

On to brighter things...Iris turns 2 on Friday! We are having the family over to celebrate her first birthday with us ever in America as our daughter & it's going to be so fun to see her reaction to her gifts and all the love shown to her. I'm sure Blake will be nothing but pleased with all the attention granted to her.

The kids LOVE being here. It's really quite fun to watch. They adore going to church and ask about it all week long. They love seeing their cousins. They love seeing their mommett & poppett :)   They love going to the mall, the beach, playing outside and they really love the "new house". It's so reassuring to know they will be raised knowing the closeness of extended family here and a great church they can grow up in.
My favorite Blake expression lately: "Iris cries".  Yes she does Blake, yes she does. (Although she's happy she's also adjusting to so many new things and crying seems to be a fallback for her) Favorite Iris expression? Anytime she's asked a question she responds with a scandinavian/minnesotan sounding "yaaahhhh". It's really cute.
My grandpa continues to be in a nursing home rehab facility & has been for about a month now. It's hard to see him growing old & weak & being that man in a wheelchair with a blanket around his lap because he's cold. I remember visiting the elderly in the nursing home when I was young and they always seemed sooo old & now that's my grandpa there. It breaks my heart. We just have to wait and see what happens.
Joe continues to remind me that I should be the happiest girl in the world b/c we are finally in Florida and I truly am thrilled but I admit it's hard for him to not be employed, to start all over again here & figure out where to serve, balance all that I need and want to do & to be a great mom. There's also the added stress of the pregnancy which I'm thrilled for but will never actually be expecting until late August when it becomes real. Having 4 miscarriages & one full term pregnancy is a recipe for hesitancy & it's strange being that pregnant woman again after my years of struggle. It's still quite fresh.
Well, would you look at that, already after 10pm and I've still got to wash a sink full of dishes. Not having a dishwasher is the perfect recipe for cleaning the kitchen each night. Yes, I truly love being a Floridian. Sunday's are my favorite. Friends are warm and welcoming & I've been blessed beyond measure.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A bit of news...

Getting settled in the new house. Farmer's market on Saturday made me feel like I was on vacation, then I remembered I get to live here now!
Love being at church with my family, love seeing my kids so happy to see their cousins.
Today is Joe's 3rd interview, so we are hopeful. There's a certain stress and uneasiness that goes along with unemployment & I'm ready for that to be over. I'm not used to seeing Joe stressed out (that's my job) and I am not loving it so far.
Last night we painted half the living room, today we are putting in a new to us oven that a friend got for us & replacing one that is from the 60's...it's a good day. Tomorrow we put up a small fence to keep our children from falling to their death into the backyard lake.
Our new home is starting to feel like home. Best part is waking up before the kids in the morning and being able to put on the lights, make the coffee & not have it disturb them. A door is a beautiful thing.
Hopefully the next time I post will be of good news & some pics. I'm waiting till things look a bit more up to par before sharing them. So much to do & yes, so much time. But I want them all done yesterday.
Oh & I'm also 13 weeks pregnant. Kind of been keeping it on the hush hush with my long and not so fun history of miscarriage, but it's getting pretty difficult to hide my bump, so in case you were wondering I've not been loading up on cheesecake and burgers. Not yet.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Future = Exciting

Lots of GOOD changes. We made it here. Had lots of people show up to help us move this afternoon. Cribs & beds are all ready to be slept in this weekend. It is starting to feel like home. There is SO much to do. Have been overwhelmed with the kindness of Lakeside family already. Free furniture & kitchen appliances have already been brought over. Lots of cleaning and putting away. The kids love the "new house" and promise they will sleep great over there tomorrow. Somehow I don't believe that.
Joe did not get the job we had been anxiously awaiting, but he DID get an interview at Tech Data on Monday morning which would be a very perfect fit for what he's been doing the last 13 years at CDW. We are hopeful that this is a clear miracle from the Lord, his perfect answer to our prayers...having income is a good thing :)  In the meantime, we are loving making this place our new home.
What I will miss? Cable. What I love the most? A lake view which is walking distance to my parents. Seeing my family at church every week. Sharing life with family. Sunshine.
 Pictures to come soon I hope.

My fun to do list:
Reupholster dining chairs in cute fabric
Replace chandy
Window treatments
Paint the walls
and about a hundred other things!

So happy to be here...thanks everyone for making us feel so loved.