Monday, June 24, 2013

A powerful reminder

Reading this morning an old sermon from John MacArthur on parenting & there is a quote from a father to his children that stopped me in my tracks. It was quite lengthy but I had to share bits and pieces because it was SO GOOD.
" My dear children, never did I pass a more truly solemn or interesting moment than that in which my firstborn child was put in my arms and when I felt that I was a father.... Recognizing in the little helpless being which had been so lately introduced to our world, there was a creature born for eternity and who when the sun shall be extinguished would be still soaring in heaven or sinking in hell. I returned to my closet for private devotion and solemnly dedicated the child to the God who had given me the precious life. And I earnestly prayed that whatever might be his lot in this world, he might be a partaker of true holiness and numbered with the saints in everlasting glory.

Almost every parent has some one object which he desires above all on behalf of his children. Our supreme ambition for you is this, that whatever situation you occupy, you may adorn it with the beauty of holiness and discharge its duties under the influence of Christian principles. Much as we desire your respectability in life, we would rather see you in the most obscure, even menial situation, provided you were partakers of true holiness then behold you on the loftiest pinnacle of the temple of fame, the object of universal admiration, if at the same time your hearts were destitute of the fear of God.

How could we endure to see our children choosing any other way than those of wisdom and any other path than that of life? How could we bear the sight to behold you traveling along the broad road that leads to destruction and running with a multitude to do evil? How would it embitter our last moments and plant our dying pillow with thorns to leave you on earth in an unconverted state, following us to the grave but not to heaven. Or should you be called to die before us, how could we stand at the dreadful post of observation without one ray of hope to cheer our wretched spirits?"

John closes his message with this prayer "And Lord, may we know it's not just what we say it's who we are, that our character and the integrity of our lives in the godliness and virtue we demonstrate to those children either undergirds or supplants the gospel we preach to them. O may we lovingly, tenderly, kindly, patiently with great forgiveness and understanding lead our children to Christ."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


If you've been following on Facebook you will know that Lyla is back at All Children's hospital. We are still waiting on answers, they did an MRI yesterday and saw "enhancements" along her spine...what looked like white spots but where unsure of what it was. This morning they did an MRI on brain and again saw these white spots as well but the doctors are all baffled and don't know what it could be. Apparently they were there before too.
It is so hard to not have any answers. They are doing a spinal tap next, but she has been on a fast since midnight last night & on hardly any sleep so it's a trying time. Please pray we'd get answers soon, that the spinal tap would be scheduled very soon so she can eat and drink soon & that Rachel and Jason would have grace to deal with whatever we learn.
My parents are watching the boys & it's just overwhelming on everyone to be waiting on pins and needles. The doctors now believe that the cysts removed from her spine was not the cause of her issue before - we are all just in the dark and not really sure how to pray and what to think next.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do More

Watched a great video last night called Dispatches from the Front on South Asia. It was about a husband and wife with two small children that gave up every comfort, friends, and family in the US to go and start a coffee business where 90% of the population is Muslim and 10% are order to serve the Lord and share the Gospel.

It really was a wonderful reminder to not be a materialistic spoiled American. Towards the end what the mom shared put me to shame. She said she and her husband wanted to do more than just make money to give stuff to their kids, to live on & then die. She wanted to show her family how to live out the Gospel. Wow. It is so easy to get focused on acquiring things or living a comfortable life. It really makes me view my day to day attitude much differently. Watching her carry her child, singing Hosanna in the Highest as her little one went to sleep - seeing how difficult and lonely life could be...that is so much more than just talking. That is a life showing that He is everything.

For more info go to  or as there are a few in the series.  We watched Episode 6: The Power of His Rising. I look forward to more.