Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A quick update

Joe has a new job and begins April 1st. This is a huge blessing as he has been wanting a change for quite some time. The Lord has answered our prayers and we hope it's a really great fit!

Sawyer is 7 months today, how can this be? This boy is so cute I can hardly believe it, everything he does I find myself amused by, heck, even his farts are cute :) I realize this will all change very soon so I'm drinking up his gummy grin, his huge smile and even when he wakes me up WAY too early, he's the last baby so it doesn't get to me so much.

It's almost 2 years since we got on a plane and brought Iris home from Ethiopia. We will plan again in April to celebrate this special day (the 23rd) by eating at the only Ethiopian restaurant in the area (Queen of Sheba). It's actually delicious and is a slice of stepping back into time, love it.

Blake and Iris continue to fight like cats and dogs but when they love each other and hug and kiss and dance together, it's a reassuring reminder that they'll never be lonely & makes me so glad they have each other.

For anyone who missed it, my dad wrote a new book on the Song of Solomon called "The pleasures of Marriage" and you can buy it on amazon for less than 10 bucks. I've begun to read it and it's so good - I highly recommend it! Also, for those interested my sister has a blog on her daughter Lyla called and she is keeping updated posts on her progress. There, that's my little plug. Happy spring - makes me want to decorate white, pink and gold everywhere! (that's kind of every day though).