Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life lately

It's been a busy couple of weeks, not a lot of excitement but always crazy and amusing. Blake continues to show us symptoms of sensory processing disorder and how helpful OT would be... hopefully next month we can begin that. (Waiting on other factors - it's never easy!) Iris has determined that she wants to be in diapers for eternity...
I've had glimmers of hope since buying her a Minnie toilet that cheers her on, but she's still afraid at times and even with the help of miralax continues to hold it in with sheer will power. It's really quite astounding. We will have a good day followed with a bad one, or a good morning followed with hours of holding it and her refusing. Mom 0, Iris 1. I'm truly at a loss.
Sawyer is sweet but oh so clingy. Blake and Iris were never like this (although I didn't know Iris at 10 months but I'm sure it wouldn't be this bad!) and I find it very challenging to get anything done unless he is napping. It's sweet to see more interaction though between the siblings. They are starting to enjoy his presence lately which is fun to watch.

Thanks to my parents Joe and I have had a few opportunities to go on dates lately, which is a dream come true. It's been a really nice summer with VBS, swimming & time with family and friends. Each morning when I wake up and look out my sweet little yard and the cute faces around the table, I thank the Lord to be in a house in Clearwater. I'm blessed.

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